Tim Wyatt, being a writer and journalist, not only finds that lyrics for songs come naturally but also has a great hand at writing books and novels too. You can see some of these below along with work from Kris Gray.

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Published by Firewheel Books, West Yorkshire.

This caustic and amusing reportage of the parts of Thailand most tourists don’t see plunges you into an eerie and hilarious hinterland of razor-wielding lady-boys, martial-arts trained restaurateurs and severely sexually over-active septuagenarians.

Tim Wyatt uncompromisingly unmasks the dark secrets overshadowing this sinister world of financially-savvy monks, alcohol-crazed taxi-drivers and tormented wildlife.
It is a quest for enlightenment and an eye-popping journey through go-go joints, temples and karaoke bars imperilled by sleep deprivation, cheap alcohol and deep neurosis.

Described by The International Literary Gleaner as “a reactionary masterpiece of gut-wrenching clarity from this dissident journalist”, Postcards From Chiangmai is a refreshing alternative to those bland and banal celebrity-fronted travelogues.

EVERYONE’S BOOK OF THE DEAD: Adventures in post-mortem worlds

Published by Nosegay Books.

Throughout the long corridors of history many societies have studied death – and the after-life. Some have even come to understand it as a portal to other more profound realities rather than a final gloomy ending. They didn’t flinch from it the way most of us do today.

Drawing extensively from the best esoteric thinking, this book is essentially a route map showing the reader what we can expect once we depart from our physical bodies. It’s a simple step-by-step account exploring the intricate processes of death and re-birth, the places you may wind up and the entities – human and non-human – you’re likely to encounter.

Above all it challenges the prevailing modern view that death is some kind of final frontier from which we will never re-emerge.
The Egyptians and Tibetans both had a Book of the Dead. This book contains many of those ideas but it’s aimed at you. Read it and you may even start looking forward to your demise.

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Price £3.50 plus £1.75 postage and packing. (UK)


ONCE YOU’RE DEAD YOU’RE MADE FOR LIFE: Realities of karma and reincarnation

Published by Nosegay Books.

Death’s a real killer – especially in conversational terms. No one likes to talk about it especially in the West because it signals the end and eternal oblivion. But is it quite as simple as that?

More than half the world’s population believe that this life is just one of many we’ve lived on Earth reincarnating in different roles as men and women, princes and paupers and saints and soldiers. And yet who we are and the lives we lead depends largely on our actions in previous lives.

Because of the inescapable law of cause and effect, we accumulate and burn off karma throughout numerous lifetimes playing out a cosmic game of snakes and ladders and undergoing a steep learning-curve of agony and ecstasy here in Earth School.
This book boldly re-examines notions of death and argues that the end of our physical bodies is not the end of everything. And it argues that far from being scared to death about our demise, we should look on it as just another chapter in an eternal journey.

TWO'S UP: Memoirs of a Borstal Boy

In January 1971, after having his collar felt the previous year, the teenage Kris Gray heard his plans of becoming a master criminal crumble when the immortal words ‘take him down’ were uttered by the judge. That same judge had just told him that he would have to serve a term of six months to two years in a Borstal institution. With the words of failed IRA bomb maker, Brendan Behan’s ‘Borstal Boy’, ringing in his head he was dragged away from his fiancé to the dark dungeons of Wormwood Scrubs.

Little did he know that he would end up on a farm in the heart of Huntingdonshire, brewing illicit rhubarb wine, entertaining the local old folk and finding his hand up a cow’s fanny, amongst other things, whilst learning how to get out in double quick time. Two’s Up is the often humorous and sometime sad memoires of a Borstal Boy in the early 1970s who went on to almost be a rock star.

'Two’s Up' is the often humorous and sometime sad memoires of a Borstal Boy in the early 1970s who went on to almost be a rock star.

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